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Dog Feeding Lick Mat

The Grumpy Puppy

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The ultimate distraction toy.  Keep your pup busy with this wall-mounted silicone mat.  Makes grooming a breeze.

Still worried about bathing your dog? Simply stick pet lick pad to any flat/ shiny surface, such as tile, porcelain, or glass, and spread on your dog's favourite treat such as peanut butter or cream cheese to make the bath time fun and enjoyable for all involved!

A funny bath lick pad which will make your dog distracted from discomfort, and enjoy a tasty snack and have easy happy bath time. Our Grooming Tub Toy is Made of food-grade non-toxic soft silicone, it is eco-friendly and durable. With serrated slots on the front side, it can prevent the butter or creams spreading and slow down your dog's feeding speed.

Interaction and Training: The interactive lick pad makes the pet bath time smoother and less boring. Lick Pad can also be used for brushing, nail trimming, and training! Slower feeding can reduce the risk of suffocation and overeating, helping your dog stay healthy.

The Dogs bath lick mat with a Suction cup avoid falling off, the licking surface is designed with a raised edge to prevent the spreading of food, keeping your bath, shower, or counter cleaner.


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