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What to do with your Pup While in Quarantine: Small Space Edition!

Posted by Victoria Rebelo on

Didn’t anticipate being stuck inside for so long? Yeah, neither did we. And apparently, neither did our pets. I’ve been receiving some very judgey side-eye from my cat and I can totally pick up on his vibe: “you’re still here!?”.

Big city living often means condos and other smaller accommodations in which one may not have immediate access to a yard or green space to let the dog run free. Find yourself racking your brain for activities to keep you and your four-legged friend stimulated in your humble abode? Well look no further, here are our top 3 small space activities you and your pup will love:


Grab whatever device you use to take photos and pick a corner of your home to decorate; pillows, blankets, and a fluffy dog bed set the mood for a cozy puppy sleepover. Surround your pup with their favourite toys for a fun filled photo shoot highlighting their playful and energetic personality. This is an opportunity for you to create lasting memories that truly capture your pet’s character and are a reminder of the good times for moments like when they pee on your carpet ... again.

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

Start off simple with basic tricks your pooch has mastered. Reward good behaviour to encourage pawsitive reinforcement. Slowly begin to modify the trick, for example, if your dog is an expert paw giver, have your pet give paw in a new environment like sitting on a chair! Maybe your dog is only comfortable giving their right paw; why not teach them variations between right and left! This is a mentally stimulating exercise and provides a rich opportunity to further connect with your furry friend.

Spa Day!

Treat your pup to a soothing oatmeal bath and sprinkle in some lavender* for relaxing essential oils and aromas (if you're going to be stuck together, might as well ensure they smell nice!). I know, I know ... when was the last time you had a bath like this, am I right? Resist the urge to jump in, and let your pooch have their moment in the spotlight. No bathtub? No problem! Keep your furry friend entertained in the shower with this tub toy! Spread your dog's favourite lickable snack onto the suction mat, and let them lick to their little heart's content.


- The Grumpy Puppy 

*Lavender is safe for pets as a topical. Please monitor your pets while using as to deter them from ingesting.