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Coronavirus and Pets: What do we Know? How do we Prepare?

Posted by Victoria Rebelo on

2020 has been a MOOD! Times are stressful and we’re all feeling the pressure of the unpredictability surrounding COVID-19. Instead of focusing on the uncertain, we can focus on what we can control. When considering the health of our furry friends, we have a lot more control than you might have thought! Here are some things to consider:

What We Know

What Can We Do?

  • Avoid off-leash dog parks, meeting other pets, and keep your pup close while on walks
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly when coming in contact with any animals
  • Call your vet if you notice your pet feeling unwell
  • Include your pet in your COVID-19 Household Plan
  • Keep a one month stock of food, treats, sanitary supplies
  • Keep a detailed record of your pet’s medications, dosing information, treatment plans, and any other important health information

Use this time of uncertainty to further connect with your furry friend. The health benefits of being a pet owner (including easing anxiety and overall sense of calmness and security) can help in coping with the unpredictability of our current situation. 

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