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Did Someone Say BACON?

Posted by Victoria Rebelo on

This week's Famous Furry Friend is an entrepreneur extraordinaire! Although he's still young, this pup is already CEO of his own handmade doggie clothing company. Bold, beautiful, stylish, and colourful is an understatement ... but who could we possibly be talking about? None other than Bacon the Doggers! 

Bacon the Doggers on Instagram
Source: @baconthedoggers on Instagram - shared with permission

Bacon is a mini Schnauzer living his best colourful life in Toronto, Canada. Another local Famous Furry Friend, Bacon can be found hanging out in the hippest of downtown Toronto spots like Bloordale, Graffiti Alley, and Roncey. His passion for fashion started at a young age as he enjoyed being dressed up ever since his puppy phase. Now at the ripe age of 4, Bacon's keen eye for style has blossomed into a full blown career. The Bacon Collection is a bright and bold line of handmade dog clothing for the most confident pups. Find Bacon's line on Etsy here.

Bacon the Doggers
Source: @baconthedoggers on Instagram - shared with permission

Whether dressing it up or down, you can always expect Bacon to be rocking the trendiest pieces. His shoe game is even stronger than mine! It's not just me who sees what all the hype is about: Bacon has been featured on the front cover of the TRNTO Bayview Post and in the Toronto Star! He's definitely not shy to strut his stuff and flaunt his floof. 

Bacon the Doggers
Source: @baconthedoggers on Instagram - shared with permission

But the talent doesn't stop at fashion: Bacon has an especially refined pallet! Over at @baconeatsfood on Instagram, you can catch Bacon munching on five star meals fit for royalty. Bow down to Bacon the Doggers!


Disclaimer: Bacon the Doggers is not affiliated and does not endorse Grumpy Puppy Barkery.