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Bertram the Pomeranian

Posted by Victoria Rebelo on

Our first Famous Furry Friend is an "adopt don’t shop" success story! Let's take you on a trip to The Big Apple to talk about Bertram the Pomeranian, better known as @bertiebertthepom on Instagram. Bertie was listed on Petfinder after being deemed too big to sell by his breeder, and adopted by Kathy, owner of the art gallery The Hole NYC. Bertie claims to also work there but his official title remains a mystery…maybe door dog or refreshment supervisor.   

Bertie’s life is curated on Instagram through his own voice. This style of narration makes following Bertie a super personal experience: you can really connect and fall more and more in love with this chocolate Pomeranian with every post. His sassy, often naughty (he’s always down for a humpfest with his friends) personality keeps you coming back for more!

Bertie has a large closet and can often be seen in cute turtlenecks, jackets, and even costumes like this:

Bertram the Pomeranian as Paddington Bear
Source: @bertiebertthepom on Instagram - shared with permission

Don’t be fooled! That’s not Paddington Bear. It’s Paddington Bert!

You’ll often see Bertie Bert in one of his favourite settings: a relaxing puppy pool! After all, it must be tough working at a gallery when you don’t have thumbs.

Bertram the Pomeranian relaxing in a cool pool
Source: @bertiebertthepom on Instagram - shared with permission

We can’t get enough of this sweet and spicy pup. If you’re looking for fluffy fun content, look no further! You can also find Bertie Bert on TikTok @bertiethepom.

Bertram the Pomeranian lying in the sunshine 
Source: @bertiebertthepom on Instagram - shared with permission. 


- The Grumpy Puppy 


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