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While Away, the Dogs will Play

Posted by Victoria Rebelo on

A good way to ease anxiety your pup may experience while you're back at work is to provide your fur baby with enough distractions and coping mechanisms while home alone. The best way to do this is to keep things simple; you don't need elaborate circuits or robots! Here are some of our favourite easy breezy tools to keep your pooch busy and comforted while you're away: 

The Endless Chew Toy

Take some of your pup's favourite treats or kibble and stuff them into this Endless Chew Toy for hours of fun! This non-toxic silicone toy features different textured sections for a deep clean of your dog's teeth. The suction cup ensures the toy will stay put, meaning it will always be accessible for your pooch; this is one toy you won't find under the couch!

Crank Up the Tunes

Leave the radio on or make your own personalized pooch playlist for your furry friend to listen to while you're gone. Relaxing music like lofi hip hop/jazz can soothe your pup into a relaxed, mellow mood. Puppy playlists on Youtube are an easy and quick choice that often last hours! 

The Nose Knows!

Place worn clothing items of yours around the house in areas your pup likes to lounge and relax. Your scent is comforting to them, and even though you're not home, just having your smell around is homey and reassuring that you won't be gone for long! Try putting a pyjama shirt in their dog bed, or a tank top nestled in their favourite spot in the couch. 

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